Changes to The Formula 1 Formula for F1 2013

13 Mar

With F1 2013 just about to start we at The Formula 1 Formula thought it would be nice to provide you with an update of what to expect from us in 2013.

As you may have already seen from the articles about drivers joining/leaving Formula 1 this year we are pioneering a new style of F1 writing that is more informal and should make it more enjoyable to read.

 Also we are now on the look for new writing talent, if you want to apply to write for The Formula 1 Formula please send an email to and please give: a little information about yourself; why you like F1; who your favourite teams/drivers are (there is no wrong answer to this); how often you’d like to write and what aspect of Formula 1 you’d like to write about, e.g. politics, race reviews, history etc.

As with last year F1F will be publishing the tweet review of each race, this report aims to describe the ins and outs of every GP using people’s tweets, last year we had tweets from teams, drivers, journalists and fans contributing to the reports and every tweet is credited to it’s writer.

This year it will also be possible to hear us talk about F1 since our editor (Tom) will be a regular on the Hard Tyres F1 podcast (this can be found at and you can follow it on twitter (@hardtyres)).

2013 also marks the start of F1F looking for people who’ve been to a Grand Prix to write about their experience, it doesn’t matter whether you went to a Grand Prix decades ago or one last week all you need to do is write a little on how you found the experience, if interested please email

If you were interested in the Fake F1 Championships from last season [out link to site] then we have some exciting news for you too, from now on full up to date leader boards will be posted on our Facebook account [put link] and of course the final results of the testing championship are already up!

Of course this site is designed for you and advice (good or bad) is always welcomed as is any ideas you have for features and ideas, if you want to have your say either comment on the blog or if you don’t want it to be made public email us at .

A final thing, although we at F1F will try our hardest to ensure this blog is up to date and reporting on every GP this year this year is a big year for the team as many are currently in year 12 and as such will be sitting our AS exams at the end of the year, which will mean that sometimes we may have to abandon blogging to concentrate on our studies, if this s going to happen we plan on mentioning it to you before hand and hope you understand. The bulk of these lapse periods will be around May/June when the final AS exams and University open days are.

That just leaves me to wish you a fantastic 2013 and I hope the F1 can deliver what is to be expected in this the final year of V8 engines and we can provide you with the F1 coverage you want.

The F1F team.


Changes in the points systems for the 2013 fake championships

3 Feb

Following on from last year’s debut fake championships I have decided to make some amendments to the points systems for the championships, here they are:

  1. In both the Western and Eastern Championships as well as the points for the first 8 finishers (10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1) and there will now be an extra 3 points available each weekend for the driver who sets the fastest lap.
  2. In the Qualifying Championship there will now be 0 points for the driver who sets the fastest lap in the race, but there will be 3 extra points available for both the driver who goes fastest in Q1 and the driver who goes fastest in Q2. There will still be points available for the 10 fastest drivers (10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1).
  3. In the Speed Trap Championship the entire system is being changed instead of 15-12-9-6-3 available for the fastest 5, there will now be points for the fastest 6 in the form 10-8-6-4-2-1.
  4. Finally the first F1 test will commence next week and the Testing Championship will commence at the same time. For a recap of the testing championship points click here.

Final standings: Western Championship

16 Dec

To understand the points system click here.

Drivers Championship:

  1. Fernando Alonso                Ferrari            70 points
  2. Sebastian Vettel                   Red Bull         47
  3. Kimi Raikkonen                  Lotus              46
  4. Lewis Hamilton                  McLaren        46
  5. Mark Webber                       Red Bull         37
  6. Jenson Button                     McLaren        36
  7. Felipe Massa                       Ferrari            28
  8. Romain Grosjean              Lotus                24
  9. Nico Rosberg                      Mercedes        18
  10. Sergio Perez                        Sauber             17
  11. Michael Schumacher       Mercedes        17
  12. Nico Hulkenburg              Force India    15
  13. Pastor Maldonado            Williams        10
  14. Kamui Kobayashi             Sauber              9
  15. Paul Di Resta                     Force India     5
  16. Bruno Senna                      Williams          2
  17. Jean-Eric Vergne             Toro Rosso      2
  • He may have missed out on the WDC but being crowned the Western Championship Drivers Champion must go some way to make him feel better. Alonso’s 70 points sees him take the championship by 23 points to become the inaugural champion.
  • Whilst Alonso ran away with the drivers championship Felipe Massa has really struggled to find his form in the western hemisphere finishing 42 points adrift of the Spaniard.
  • Paul Di Resta also won’t be pleased with his performances in the western races, Paul could only pick up 5 points whilst team mate Nico Hulkenburg trebled his score.

Constructors Championship:

  1. Ferrari               98 points
  2. Red Bull            84
  3. McLaren          82
  4. Lotus                 70
  5. Mercedes         35
  6. Sauber              26
  7. Force India     20
  8. Williams         12
  9. Toro Rosso       2
  • Despite Massa’s struggles Ferrari managed to take the constructors championship despite the efforts of the hunting pack.
  • Meanwhile it’s obvious to tell the competitive teams from the rest, with the gap between 5th (Mercedes) and 4th (Lotus) a huge 35 points, Mercedes will need to produce a much better car if Hamilton is to challenge for the championship.
  • Toro Rosso have failed to pick up many points with all of their points (yes all two of them) being scored by Jean-Eric Vergne, who is currently being lined up to replace Mark Webber for a seat at Red Bull, of course his main challenger for that seat, team mate Daniel Ricciardo didn’t pick up any western hemisphere points.

Final standings for the Qualifying championship.

16 Dec

To see the points scheme click here.

Drivers Championship:

  1. Lewis Hamilton                    McLaren              152 points
  2. Sebastian Vettel                    Red Bull               143
  3. Mark Webber                         Red Bull               122
  4. Jenson Button                       McLaren              107
  5. Fernando Alonso                 Ferrari                    92
  6. Kimi Raikkonen                   Lotus                      84
  7. Romain Grosjean                 Lotus                      79
  8. Michael Schumacher          Mercedes               70
  9. Pastor Maldonado               Williams               68
  10. Nico Rosberg                         Mercedes              66
  11. Felipe Massa                         Ferrari                   50
  12. Kamui Kobayashi                Sauber                    34
  13. Sergio Perez                           Sauber                    30
  14. Nico Hulkenburg                 Force India           29
  15. Paul Di Resta                        Force India           20
  16. Daniel Ricciardo                  Toro Rosso            6
  17. Bruno Senna                         Williams                5
  • Whilst reliability problems scampered Hamilton’s WDC chances they didn’t stop him performing strongly in qualifying, as a result of which he is the first driver to win the qualifying championship.
  • A look at the championship standings suggests that Felipe Massa’s problems this season may have been a result of his poor performances in qualifying. Whilst Alonso picked up 92 points Massa could only pick up 50, leaving him out of the top 10.
  • For Williams it was a year of highs and lows, whilst Bruno Senna only picked up 5 points Pastor Maldonado scored 1360% more points to finish 9th with 68 points.

Constructors Championship:

  1. Red Bull                  265 points
  2. McLaren                259
  3. Lotus                       163
  4. Ferrari                    142
  5. Mercedes                136
  6. Williams                  73
  7. Sauber                       67
  8. Force India              46
  9. Toro Rosso                 6
  • Despite losing out in the drivers championship Red Bull made amends in the constructors championship taking advantage of Jenson Button’s ‘low’ score to take 1st place.
  • If Ferrari are to mount a better WDC challenge in 2013 they will need to improve on their qualifying performances, the car was lacklustre in that department and it caused problems for the team all year.
  • Toro Rosso have really struggled to make it to Q3 this year, mainly because of the strong competition from Williams, Sauber and Force India as well as the improvement in form of Lotus who had a troubled season in 2011.

Final standings: Speed Trap Championship

6 Dec

To see the points system click here:

Drivers Championship:

  1. Jean-Eric Vergne                    Toro Rosso                111 points
  2. Sergio Perez                              Sauber                           81
  3. Lewis Hamilton                      McLaren                       72
  4. Daniel Ricciardo                     Toro Rosso                  69
  5. Jenson Button                         McLaren                       69
  6. Kimi Raikkonen                     Lotus                              57
  7. Kamui Kobayashi                  Sauber                            54
  8. Michael Schumacher           Mercedes                       51
  9. Bruno Senna                           Williams                       48
  10. Nico Rosberg                          Mercedes                      45
  11. Romain Grosjean                  Lotus                             39
  12. Heikki Kovalainen                Caterham                     27
  13. Nico Hulkenburg                   Force India                  27
  14. Mark Webber                          Red Bull                        27
  15. Sebastian Vettel                     Red Bull                        24
  16. Pastor Maldonado                Williams                       24
  17. Narain Karthikeyan             HRT                               15
  18. Pedro De La Rosa                 HRT                               12
  19. Felipe Massa                         Ferrari                           12
  20. Vitaly Petrov                          Caterham                       9
  21. Fernando Alonso                 Ferrari                            9
  22. Paul Di Resta                        Force India                    9
  23. Jerome D’Ambrosio            Lotus                               6
  • This championship was designed to give smaller teams a chance to fight for the victory and it seems to have done just that, Jean-Eric Vergne taking the drivers championship and was the only driver to break the 100 points barrier.
  • At the same time the championship let almost all the drivers pick up points with the only two who didn’t being the two Marussia drivers.
  • The only of the big teams to score highly were McLaren who had drivers finishing 3rd and 5th.

Constructors Championship:

  1. Toro Rosso                      180 points
  2. McLaren                          141
  3. Sauber                              135
  4. Lotus                                102
  5. Mercedes                          96
  6. Williams                          72
  7. Red Bull                           51
  8. Caterham                        36
  9. Force India                    36
  10. HRT                                27
  11. Ferrari                            21
  • Toro Rosso have been crowned the inaugural constructors championship winners, beating 2nd place McLaren by a massive 39 points.
  • Meanwhile Ferrari were the penultimate team only beating Marussia and losing to both Caterham and HRT.
  • Sauber had a very strong season finishing 3rd and beating Red Bull, sadly for the Swiss team they’ve lost their top driver Sergio Perez to McLaren for next season.

Final results of the fastest sector championship.

30 Nov

To see the points system click here.

Drivers Championship:

  1. Sebastian Vettel                         Red Bull               209 points
  2. Lewis Hamilton                         McLaren              175
  3. Jenson Button                            McLaren              121
  4. Mark Webber                              Red Bull               119
  5. Fernando Alonso                       Ferrari                  116
  6. Romain Grosjean                       Lotus                      79
  7. Felipe Massa                               Ferrari                   64
  8. Nico Rosberg                               Mercedes              63
  9. Kimi Raikkonen                          Lotus                     54
  10. Sergio Perez                                  Sauber                  53
  11. Pastor Maldonado                      Williams             41
  12. Nico Hulkenburg                         Force India        41
  13. Michael Schumacher                 Mercedes             34
  14. Paul Di Resta                               Force India         33
  15. Kamui Kobayashi                       Sauber                  32
  16. Bruno Senna                                Williams             14
  17. Jean-Eric Vergne                       Toro Rosso           8
  18. Daniel Ricciardo                        Toro Rosso           4
  • It was a comfortable victory for Sebastian Vettel taking the championship by 34 points with the gap to third a massive 88 points.
  • Further down the championship the battles for positions have been much tighter with numerous drivers only 1 point off the position above, with the closest being the the joint 11th shared between Pastor Maldonado and Nico Hulkenburg.
  • In the Toro Rosso drivers battle between Red Bull’s two proteges Jean-Eric Vergne claimed the victory beating Daniel Ricciardo by 4 points (or 200%).

Constructors championship:

  1. Red Bull                  330 points
  2. McLaren                296
  3. Ferrari                    178
  4. Lotus                      133
  5. Mercedes                 97
  6. Sauber                      85
  7. Force India             74
  8. Williams                 57
  9. Toro Rosso            12
  • Red Bull have claimed the inaugural sector championship after their drivers accumulated the most points between them, 2nd are McLaren and Ferrari finish a very distant third.
  • After a promising start to the season including winning the Chinese GP Mercedes have really struggled and their tally of 97 points puts them a long way from 4th let alone 1st place.
  • After the driver’s championship was so close this championship is very spread out all down the field, with the biggest gap being 118 points between McLaren and Ferrari.

Final results of the Practice Championship

25 Nov

To read the points scheme of this championship click here.

Drivers Championship:

  1. Lewis Hamilton               McLaren              306 points
  2. Sebastian Vettel               Red Bull               275
  3. Jenson Button                  McLaren              227
  4. Fernando Alonso            Ferrari                  221
  5. Mark Webber                   Red Bull               198
  6. Nico Rosberg                   Mercedes             149
  7. Michael Schumacher    Mercedes             123
  8. Felipe Massa                   Ferrari                   98
  9. Romain Grosjean          Lotus                      96
  10. Kimi Raikkonen            Lotus                      72
  11. Pastor Maldonado        Williams               71
  12. Kamui Kobayashi         Sauber                    70
  13. Sergio Perez                    Sauber                   69
  14. Nico Hulkenburg          Force India          57
  15. Paul Di Resta                 Force India          51
  16. Daniel Ricciardo          Toro Rosso           29
  17. Bruno Senna                  Williams              20
  18. Jean-Eric Vergne         Toro Rosso            9
  19. Charles Pic                     Marussia               8
  20. Valtteri Bottas               Williams               5
  21. Heikki Kovalainen       Caterham             3
  22. Timo Glock                     Marussia              3
  • It’s been a dominant season for Hamilton who has been top of the championship since the second race of the season to claim the inaugural practice championship.
  • Despite being the only other man to have led this championship Michael Schumacher has struggled in this championship since the summer break and has really had to fight for minor points in the final few weekends.
  • Williams are the only constructor to have had 3 driver pick up points after their reserve driver Valtteri Bottad picked up 5 points throughout his 16 practice sessions over the season.

Constructor’s Championship:

  1. McLaren                   534 points
  2. Red Bull                    473
  3. Ferrari                      319
  4. Mercedes                 272
  5. Lotus                        168
  6. Sauber                      138
  7. Force India             108
  8. Williams                   96
  9. Toro Rosso               38
  10. Marussia                   11
  11. Caterham                    3
  • It’s been a two horse race for much of the season as Red Bull tried to close down McLaren, but despite their best efforts McLaren are the inaugural practice championship constructors victors.
  • It’s been a good championship for the ‘new’ teams with two of them picking up points. Marussia were the most impressive of the two picking up 11 points including 8 points for going fastest in a session (Charles Pic FP2, Belgium).